Effie Profile Photo
Associate Professor
University Of Connecticut

Dr. Effie Ioannidou is a tenured Associate Professor and Director of the Dental Clinical Research Center at UCONN Health. She is a clinical scientist with training in Periodontology. She completed her graduate training at the University of Connecticut. Her research addresses clinical and translational questions on the anti-inflammatory effect of periodontal interventions in systemic health as well as chronic kidney disease. Recently, she developed a new line of research focusing on the sex and gender intersection in periodontitis pathogenesis and therapy.

Dr. Ioannidou is an active IADR/AADR member and recognized as a 2017 AADR Fellow. At the IADR, she played a leading role in founding the IADR Women in Science Network. She has served in the Editorial Board of the Journal of Dental Research and is currently the Associate Editor of the JDR Clinical and Translational Research and a Member-At-Large of the AADR Board of Directors.