Professor of Regenerative and Haematological Medicine - KHP Lead for Cellular Therapies

Professor of Regenerative and Haematological Medicine at King's College London
After graduation from Padua University in 1984 (summa cum laude), Prof Dazzi trained as a haemato-oncologist and then obtained a PhD in Experimental Oncology. In 1996 he moved to the Royal Postgraduate Medical School before it became Imperial College and in 2007 he was appointed as Chair of Stem Cell Biology. Francesco Dazzi is an internationally recognised figure in the biology and clinical applications of cell therapies in stem cell transplantation. In the late 90s he established a highly successful programme of immune cellular therapies for leukaemia. More recently, based on his discovery that mesenchymal stem cells exhibit immunomodulatory activities, he developed a nationwide clinical programme for the use of these cells to control unwanted immune responses in transplantation. He has recently joined King’s College London as Professor of Regenerative Medicine and Lead of Cellular Therapies at KCL. Cellular Therapies at KCL is the largest initiative in this field in Europe.