Associate Professor
J Craig Venter Institute

Associate Professor at J. Craig Venter Institute
Immunologist and Oral Biologist Dr. Freire is a leader in the field of inflammation, infection and immunity, antibody engineering, drug discovery, and oral microbiome-immune integration. He is an Associate Professor of Genomic Medicine and Infectious Diseases at The J. Craig Venter Institute. At the intersection of immunity-metabolism-microbiome, Freire's laboratory focuses on understanding and modulating immune pathways common to chronic inflammatory diseases, including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, lupus, periodontal diseases and cancer. Through the integration of functional omic studies, Freire's lab is elucidating novel immune pathways related to activation of low-grade inflammation, affecting millions of people worldwide. As a dual-scientist and clinician, Freire has expertise in the field of oral medicine, periodontology, and craniofacial biology. Dr. Freire is currently the President of Clinical and Translational Science Network Group at IADR and has a passion for translating scientific innovations to health care. He is frequently sought as an expert on science/business to the biotechnology industry and has served as a consultant to early-stage biotech companies. As a dedicated mentor, selected trainees from his lab have secured positions in academia and in pharma & biotech industries. He is considered a top-mentor of Harvard, UCSD and USC graduates.

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