cardiff university
I have contributed, as a clinical academic, to undergraduate and postgraduate education and training for over 40 years. My initial research involved the use of quantitative cytopathology in the early diagnosis of oral malignancy, the subject of my doctorate and in excess of 100 publications, keynote lectures and conference presentations. Over the last 15 years I have been involved in educational research. Member of the antimicrobial prescribing quality improvement group (09-16); project lead for the ADEE EU project – Harmonisation of European Dental Schools’ Programs of CPD for Dentists (10-12); COPDEND group producing ‘Quality Assurance Framework for dental workforce development’ (14-16); ADEE Project Lead for Literature Review, CPD, commissioned by GDC (18-19).  Recent positions included Director of Dental Postgraduate Education in Wales (09-16) where I managed dental foundation, core and specialty training for Wales and CPD for the dental workforce; Head of Bristol Dental School (01-04); Dean, Faculty of Dental Surgery RCSEd (05-08); Chair, Joint Committee for Postgraduate Training in Dentistry (JCPTD) (09-13). I continue to publish regularly and present at ADEE and IADR conferences. I chaired the Lifelong Learning Special Interest Group sustaining the DentCPD project from 2008-16. I contributed to the ‘Study concerning the review and mapping of continuous professional development and lifelong learning for health professionals in the EU’ (2014) In 2019 the GDC published A review of CPD which I led the ADEE project team on. A similar project team has recently submitted two reports commissioned by the GDC one on preparedness for practice and the other on professionalism. At this year's IADR we are presenting to oral presentations. one at 11.15 in room 145 (ERG) on professionalism on Wednesday 28th and the other at 3.15 on qualitative cpd models on friday 20th (ERG)