Mark Genuis
ICE Health Systems Inc
Henderson Nevada UNITED STATES

Mark Genuis received his doctorate from the University of Alberta in the area of Counseling Psychology. His research focused on developmental psychopathology as well as related communications and therapies. He worked as a practicing psychologist and founded the National Foundation for Family Research and education, a research institute which he founded and directed for five years.  As a counseling psychologist, Mark’s education and professional life has been dedicated to enhance learning and professional communications. His passion for excellence in healthcare, knowledge transfer and learning combines this passion with his healthy addiction to technology.

Mark is a co-founder of ICE Health Systems, a unified health record system serving dentists, universities and medical clinics in multiple countries. As the committed technology provider to the Collaboration for Health IT ICE is constantly guided by a growing group of healthcare professionals throughout the world to ensure the record and patient management system adheres to leading security requirements, is robust and easy to use and properly attends to the detailed integrated requirements of research, patient care and education.

Scientific Groups/Networks
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