King's College London Dental Institute

Gordon Proctor is Professor of Salivary Biology, Director of Division of Mucosal & Salivary Biology, King’s College London Dental Institute, England.  He received a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from University of Sheffield, England and is currently Editor-in-Chief of Archives of Oral Biology.

Proctor has published extensively in different areas of salivary research on aspects of both salivary gland physiology and dysfunction and saliva function. He is a member of the IADR, British Society for Oral and Dental Research and the Association of Basic Science Teachers in Dentistry. He is Past Chair of the IADR Salivary Research Group and is a member of the World Wide Oral Medicine VI panel reviewing evidence base for medication-induced dryness. He has won numerous awards related to his salivary research and has made significant contributions to research.

Proctor started his initial worked on the autonomic nervous system in controlling the re-synthesis of specific secretory proteins and salivary gland vesicular (non-storage granule) secretion. More recently, he has studied mechanisms of salivary gland secretory dysfunction, alterations in saliva composition that impact on oral health and salivary biomarkers of disease.