Researcher in Biomaterials
UNIP-Paulista University
Sorocaba-São Paulo BRAZIL

Research Scientist at Universidade Paulista-UNIP
2014-current Researcher and Lecturer in Biomaterials - MSc Programme in Dentistry - Paulista University - UNIP, São Paulo, Brasil. 2012-current Visiting Fellow at the University of Birmingham, School of Dentistry, Biomaterials Unit 2009-2012 MSc and PhD Programs in Biotechnology and Innovations in Health at ANHANGUERA-UNIBAN.(2012) Researcher and Lecturer in Biomaterials at Bandeirante University of São Paulo(2009-2012) 2005-2008 Ph.D. in Dentistry-Dental Materials University of São Paulo. 2003-2005 M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering University of the State of São Paulo, Guaratinguetá-SP, Brazil 2002-2007 Owner Dental Office 1999-2002 B.Sc. in Dentistry, University of the State of São Paulo, São José dos Campos - SP, Brazil Specialties: Titanium experimental alloys Biomaterials Finite Element Analysis Experimental resins-manipulation and mechanical properties Dental Materials

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