Senior Lecturer
Queen's University Belfast
Belfast, Belfast IRELAND

Fionnuala Lundy is a Senior Lecturer in Oral Science at the Wellcome-Wolfson Institute of Experimental Medicine, Queen’s University, Belfast, Ireland. She is a Past President and a past Treasurer of the Irish Division of the IADR. She is Associate Editor of Archives of Oral Biology and a member of the scientific advisory board of the Journal of Endodontics. Lundy is an active reviewer of manuscripts for many of the international dental journals as well as international journals in related scientific disciplines.

Lundy’s research interests focus on the cell biology of the dental pulp and periodontal tissues and in particular the pathway from infection and pain/inflammation to healing and repair. She has described a role for neurogenic inflammation in both pulpal and periodontal disease and more recently has studied transient receptor potential (TRP) channels as sentinels of tissue damage/pain caused by environmental stimuli. Lundy is also interested in the regenerative and differentiation capacity of dental pulp and periodontal ligament stem cells.

Lundy has been awarded several prizes for her research including the Sir Wilfred Fish Research prize from the British Society of Periodontology. Lundy also received the IADR/GSK Innovation in Oral Care Award ($75,000 research award) on two occasions, as both a principal investigator and as a co-investigator.

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