Professor/Hon. Consultant
University of Liverpool

Dean of the Institute of Population Health Sciences and Professor of Dental Public Health
Rebecca Harris is Dean of the Institute of Population Health Sciences (IPHS), Professor of Dental Public Health at the University of Liverpool and an honorary Consultant in Dental Public Health at the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen Hospitals Trust. IPHS includes the Departments of Public Health and Policy, and Health Service Research (which includes researchers from a range of disciplines and settings such as: general medical practice, mental health, vision services, palliative care, bioethics etc). Her research is mainly concerned with primary dental care and includes NIHR funded projects on dental contracting (HSDR project 09/1801/1055) and the PREFER trial and ethnography on presenting information on risk to patients (HSDR project 13/33/45 ). She is current leading a new NIHR Programme Grant for Applied Research concerned with developing and testing an intervention to reduce inequalities in the use of routine dental service (RETURN). She has expertise in qualitative research as well as systematic review methodology, although she has also undertaken research involving clinical trials, quantitative and mixed methods research. Her research is usually interdisciplinary, involving insights and methods from economics, organisation studies, sociology and psychology. Rebecca has a particular interest in developing and applying theoretical perspectives from social science to the dental context. She is increasingly interested in the challenges of implementing and evaluating community-level interventions and in public involvement in research, especially in disadvantaged areas. Professional roles have included Past President of the British Association for the Study of Community Dentistry (BASCD) which is the UK’s professional association for the science, philosophy and practice of promoting the oral health of populations and groups in society, and as an Oral Health topic expert on NICE Public Health Advisory Committee