Clifton Carey
University of Colorado
Aurora Colorado UNITED STATES

My background is in chemistry as applied to the study of caries, biofilms, and more recently the study of secondary caries. Long term topics of research include prevention of demineralization and remineralization.  This includes specialized research into therapies for at-risk populations such as geriatrics and orthodontic patients. I am also active in standards development both internationally and nationally as the U.S. Expert on oral rinses, denture adhesives, fluoride varnish, and tooth bleaching products. I am the international convenor for the working group on Toothpastes and the working group on Analytical Methods for Dental Products.

The topics of my recent NIH grants were to investigate how much fluoride is enough to protect healthy teeth, new approaches for prevention therapy for the aging population, personalized dentistry, caries risk assessment, how and why dental restorations break, how biofilms reduce the service life of dental composites, new methods to measure phosphate ion concentration in oral fluids, how fluoride varnishes work to prevent caries, and non-fluoride methods to prevent caries. 

My professional goal is to research ways for the public to achieve better oral health.

In short my name is Clif Carey and I do Caries Research.

Scientific Groups/Networks