Associate Professor
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania UNITED STATES

Alexandre R. Vieira, DDS, MS, PhD – Full Professor of Oral Biology, Pediatric Dentistry, Human Genetics, and Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh


Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Dr. Vieira took a route north that brought him to the University of Pittsburgh after stopping at the University of Iowa for almost six years for a post-doctoral training in human molecular genetics with Jeffrey Murray, MD. Dr. Vieira received his DDS from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), and then trained in special needs patients at the Brazilian Dental Association, pediatric dentistry, which he received a master’s degree, and earned a PhD in genetics, all from his UFRJ alma mater.

Dr. Vieira is one of the most recognized names in the field and has received the Distinguished Scientist in Dental Caries Award from the International Association for Dental Research (the highest honor of the organization) for his pioneer work on individual genetic susceptibility to dental caries and has received the William J. Gies Award for best paper published in the Journal of Dental Research three times in 11 years, one each in the topics of genetics of tooth agenesis, dental caries, and cleft lip and palate.

At a relatively young age, he has published more than 290 peer-reviewed scientific articles, books, book chapters, editorials and letters to the editor, and 330 abstracts, including a paper that is the most cited per year in the cleft lip and palate field. This paper defined the term "private mutations," which is now widely used by scientists around the world.

Dr. Vieira’s contribution to the field of craniofacial deformities includes the demonstration that genes underlying muscle function control malocclusion development, and the definition of a low frequency of coding mutations that actually directly lead to isolated forms of cleft lip and palate.