Title: 1143 - Potential Ability of PRF Lysate and A-PRF in hDPSCs Proliferation


Dini Bagio (Presenter)
Faculty of Dentistry Universitas Indonesia

Endang Suprastiwi, Faculty of Dentistry Universitas Indonesia
Anggraini Margono, Faculty of Dentistry Universitas Indonesia
Indah Yulianto, Universitas Negeri Sebelas Maret
Sandy Asri, Faculty of Dentistry Universitas Indonesia
Ilmilda Johan, Faculty of Dentistry Universitas Indonesiaulty of Dentistry Universitas Indonesia


Objectives: New modifications of platelet rich fibrin (PRF) such as PRF Lysate and Advanced PRF (A-PRF), has been recently used by several studies in regenerative endodontics fields. In the latest studies, human Platelet Lysate (hPL) are used as supplement medias culture for replacement of Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS). It was reported before that the use of FBS may deal with the risk of cross infection and delivery of prion protein from animal. HPL, PRF Lysate, and A-PRF are allogeneic platelet derivate containing abundant growth factor (GF) that suitable for hDPSCs proliferation. The aim of this study was to analyze hDPSCs proliferation in three different supplement medias culture; hPL 5% (control group), PRF Lysate (20% and 25%) and A-PRF (20% and 25%) after1, 3 and 5 days observation.

Methods: hDPSCs proliferation was analyzed using flowcitometry and MTT-Assay. This study’s protocol was approved by Ethical Approval of Faculty of Dentistry of Universitas Indonesia (No. 133/Ethical Approval/FKGUI/XII/2017, No. Protocol: 051331017)

Results: Compare to hPL 5%, PRF Lysate and A-PRF (20% and 25%) have significant proliferation of hDPSCs in day-1 (p<0,05) (One-Way ANOVA). Significant proliferation seen in day-1 and day-3 also between day-1 and day-5 (p<0,05). There is no significant proliferation rate between hPL 5% in day-1, day-3 and day-5 (p>0,05) (Friedman). Furthermore it is showed that there are no significant differences between PRF Lysate 20% and A-PRF 20%, PRF Lysate 25% and A-PRF 25% in proliferation of hDPSC (Mann Whitney).

Conclusions: It can be concluded that, PRF Lysate and A-PRF has superior potential ability in hDPSCs proliferation compare hPL 5% and A-PRF 25% has the highest hDPSCs proliferation compared to others type of PRF.

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