Title: 2630 - Replacement Regeneration? Histological Analyses of a Deciduous Tooth Filled With Resorbable Paste


ADESH KAKADE, Nair Hospital Dental college
Anitha santosh, Nair Hospital Dental college
sayali mali, Nair Hospital Dental college
saurabh nagar, Nair Hospital Dental college
RAJIV DESAI, Nair Hospital Dental college
Heeresh Shetty (Presenter)
Nair Hospital Dental College


Objectives: Previous histological studies undertaken to determine the nature of tissue formed after a regenerative endodontic procedure have primarily been focused on immature permanent tooth. Currently there is a paucity in literature for studies which can evaluate the regenerative potential of deciduous teeth after such procedures. The objective of the current study was to histologically analyze the tissue formed in an deciduous second molar filled with resorbable paste.

The Lower right deciduous molar of a 3.5 year old girl endodontically filled with a resorbable paste was extracted 1.5 years later due to non-restorability. The extracted tooth was processed for histological investigations.

Results: Heamatoxin-Eosin (HE) staining reveled the following : coronal third of the root canal space was occupied predominantly with inflamed connective tissue containing blood vessels ,plasma cells and lymphocytes. Middle third of root showed cementum like mineralized deposits (acellular) on the canal walls which was clearly demarcated from the underlying dentin. Significant amount of minimally inflamed connective tissue containing blood vessels was also seen. Apical third was predominantly occupied by cementum like mineralized deposits (cellular) on the inner as well as the outer walls of the roots.

The newly formed tissues within the canal space replacing the filled paste were primarily fibrous connective tissue, cementum like tissue, and bone like tissue.

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