Title: 3196 - The Effect of New Complete Denture and Simple Dietary Advice


Yuriko Komagamine (Presenter)
Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Manabu Kanazawa, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Maiko Iwaki, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Hiroyuki Suzuki, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Noriko Amagai, Tokyo Medical and Dental University


Objectives: It is unclear whether food intake is influenced by a combination of new denture fabrication and simple dietary advice in pamphlet form. The objective of the study was to investigate the combined effect of complete denture renewal and simple dietary advice on food intake of edentulous elderly peoples 6 months after the intervention.

Methods: A randomized controlled trial was performed with edentulous patients who required new complete dentures. All participants received complete denture treatment. In addition, the intervention group received dietary advice in a pamphlet form, while the control group received advice pertaining to the care and maintenance of the dentures. The advice was given by dentists for each group. The participants’ food intake was assessed at baseline and 6 months after intervention using a diet history questionnaire. Between-group comparisons of food intake were performed using the Mann-Whitney test.

Results: Among 70 participants who were randomized, 59 participants finished all parts of this trial (30 in the intervention group and 29 in the intervention group). At baseline, there was no significant difference in the food intake between the two groups. At the 6-month assessment, the intervention group showed significantly greater intake of carrots and pumpkins (P = 0.017) and buckwheat noodle (P = 0.024) compared to the control group. On the other hand, the control group showed significantly greater intake of low-fat milk and yoghurt (P = 0.014), squid and octopus (P = 0.011), fried food and fried fish (P = 0.036), grilled meat (P = 0.012) compared to the intervention group.

Conclusions: Under the limited conditions of this study, provision with only new complete dentures could improve food intake of meat or fish dish. However, provision with simple dietary advice combined with new complete dentures could improve food intake of green and yellow vegetables.

This abstract is based on research that was funded entirely or partially by an outside source:
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (grant number 26861625) , the Lotte Research Promotion Grant of 2015

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