Title: 1117 - Hospital Dentistry Ultimate Goal or Another Start


Ali Baghalian (Presenter)
School of Dentistry,Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Hoda Bahramian, Tehran University of Medical Sciences


Objectives: The aim of this study was to evaluate the importance of follow up sessions on the caries incidence of children treated under general anesthesia.

Methods: Totally 50 children under 4 years old were randomly selected and treated under general anesthesia in 1 year period. All the parents received a pamphlet regarding the importance of primary teeth and they were asked to attend the follow up session every 3 months. Caries incidence was recorded with ICDAS index at 12 months follow up session. Chi Square test was applied for statistical analysis.

Results: Out of 35 families attended the follow up sessions regularly, caries incidence was recorded in 15% of them, while 15 families in spite of calling and asking disregarded the sessions. Then 10 families out of 15 came to the office around 9 months after the GA because of tooth pain or fracture of anterior teeth restorations. Caries incidence was recorded 66% in these children. Caries incidence was statistically lower in those families attended the follow up sessions regularly (P<0.05).

Conclusions: Follow up session is of primary importance for oral health maintenance of children treated under general anesthesia.

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