Title: 3015 - Maintenance of Micro-chambered Beads Augmented Bone - Histopathology of Animal Experiments and Human Biopsies


Miriam Draenert (Presenter)
Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich

Klaus Draenert, ZOW Munich
Reinhard Hickel, Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich


Objectives: The purpose of the study is the confirmation of newly formed lamellar bone around ß-TCP micro-chambered beads, compact enough to carry the load of a dental implant in the maxilla.

Methods: Material and Methods: Two human biopsies were gathered with diamond-coated cylindrical tools before dental implants were placed, 5 months and 18 months after augmentation with 1,5 mm micro-chambered beads of pure ß-TCP. The relevant stages and the complicated reabsorption process of ß-TCP MCBs were analyzed in animal experiments with 10 shepherd dogs followed over 1 year and 20 giant rabbits for 6 weeks. a) HA b) ß-TCP and c) a mélange (50/50) of both. Solid beads were mixed with totally micro-chambered ones.

Results: Results: The human biopsies confirmed maintenance of mature lamellar bone, even after 18 months, in spite of unloaded conditions. The formation of mature cancellous bone was combined with a slow reabsorption of the TCP. Even after 18 months rests of the ß-TCP were found. These findings were in contrast to the animal experiments. After 6 weeks, nearly all ß-TCP was reabsorbed in rabbits and dogs, HA not. The polychromatic sequential labelling revealed a high turnover rate in animals.

Conclusions: Conclusion: Pure ß-TCP micro-chambered beads revealed maintenance of the primarily formed mature lamellar bone. The reabsorption of the degradable ceramics presents a complicated remodelling-resorption process depending upon the turnover rate, which is high under loaded condition.


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