Title: 1440 - Performance of Universal Adhesives With and Without Dual Cure Activator


Timo Kuretzky (Presenter)
3M Deutschland GmbH

Henry Loll, 3M Deutschland GmbH
Alexandra Glaser, 3M Deutschland GmbH
John Rafelt, 3M United Kingdom
christiane stein, 3M Deutschland GmbH
Christoph Thalacker, 3M Deutschland GmbH


Objectives: Acidic adhesive formulations are known to be incompatible with the redox initiators of self- and dual cure composites. To overcome this incompatibility some manufacturers provide so-called “dual cure activators” (DCA) containing a sulfinate, while other manufacturers claim compatibility without a DCA. Aim of this study was, to assess performance of universal adhesives with and without DCA with a self-cure composite.

Methods: Bovine incisors embedded into acrylic resin disks were ground to expose a flat dentin surface, which was treated with Scotchbond Universal with and without its Dual Cure Activator (SBU+DCA, SBU-DCA, 3M Oral Care), All Bond Universal (ABU, Bisco), AdheSE Universal (ADU, Ivoclar-Vivadent), and iBond Universal (IBU, Kulzer) according to manufacturers’ instructions. Freshly mixed ConciseTM (3M Oral Care) was filled into a PTFE mold (4.67mm diameter, 2mm height) and allowed to cure on the treated surface (24h, 37°C, 100% relative humidity). Shear bond strength (SBS) was measured using a Zwick Z010 universal testing machine (crosshead speed 2mm/min). pH data were taken from manufacturers’ literature.

Results: See table. The standard deviations (SD) are given in parentheses. All data per experiment were analyzed by ANOVA and multiple comparisons using Fisher’s LSD procedure (p<0.05). Means with the same letters are statistically the same.

Conclusions: SBU+DCA yielded the highest SBS of all tested adhesives. If no DCA was used, a higher pH seemed beneficial. In contrast to manufacturers’ claims, some universal adhesives should be used with caution when combined with a self- or dual cure composite without a DCA.


SBS(SD)[MPa] 20.1 (4.0)A 14.8(4.2)B 5.9(4.0)C 1.8(1.1)C 1.6(4.0)C
pH 2.7 3.2 2.7 1.6 2.7

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