Title: 0838 - Bond Strength of Bulk-filled and Incrementally-filled Composites to Dentin


Ana Botta (Presenter)
Stony Brook University

Melisa Savascioglu, Rutgers University
Elizabeth Uoo, Rutgers University
Nicole Francisco, Stony Brook University
Danielle Wajngarten, Faculdade de Odontologia de Araraquara
Ana Acevedo, Universidad Central de Venezuela


Objectives: The aim of this study was to assess the effect of restorative techniques and composite resins on the microtensile bond strength (μTBS) to sound dentin.

Methods: Twenty intact third molars were sectioned with a precision low-speed diamond saw to expose midcoronal dentin. Specimens were randomly assigned into four experimental groups (n=5) according to the composite resin and its restorative technique: Incremental technique: Esthet X HD (Dentsply, EX) and G-aenial Universal Flo (GC America, GC); Bulk-fill technique: Sonic Fill 2 (Kerr, SF) and SureFil SDR flow (Dentsply, SDR). Following the etch-and-rinse mode, all specimens were etched with 34% phosphoric acid for 15 seconds prior to application of Prime & Bond Elect Universal bonding agent. After 24h in distilled water at 37oC, all specimens were sectioned to obtain sticks with a cross-section of 0.8±0.1 mm2. The μTBS test was performed at a crosshead speed of 1mm/min. The data were evaluated statistically by Mann–Whitney U test (α=.05).

Results: There was significant statistical difference between the restorative techniques (p<0.01), incrementally-filled composites (p=0.02), and bulk-filled composites (p<0.01). The incremental technique (Md=25.17; Q1;3=6.19;40.45) presented higher bond strength values than the bulk fill technique (Md=0.00; Q1;3=0.00;0.00). In regards to the incrementally-filled composites, GC showed higher bond strength (Md=27.51; Q1;3=14.32;48.47) than EX (Md=23.99; Q1;3=0.00;34.09). As for the bulk-filled composites, SDR (Md=1.69; Q1;3=0.00; 27.66) presented higher bond strength than SF (Md=0.00; Q1;3=0.00;0.00).

Conclusions: It was concluded that the highest bond strength was obtained with the incremental technique. G-aenial Universal Flo showed the highest bond strength for the incrementally-filled composite, and SureFil SDR flow for the bulk-filled composite.

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