Title: 0837 - Effect of Curing on Adhesion and DOC of Bulk-fill Composites


Sara Makhdoom, University of British Columbia
Karen Campbell, University of British Columbia
Ricardo Carvalho, University of British Columbia
Adriana Manso (Presenter)
The University of British Columbia


Objectives: To compare microtensile bond strength (µTBS) and depth of cure (DOC) of bulk-fill composites cured by monowave (MW) or polywave (PW) LED units at different curing times.

Methods: Three composites were tested: Tetric EvoCeram Bulk-Fill (TBF), Filtek Bulk-Fill (FBF), and Tetric EvoCeram (T). Flat dentine surfaces treated with adhesive (Adhese, Ivoclar-Vivadent) were bonded with cylindrical 4mm bulk composite of each material (n=6) and cured with monowave (Satelec) or polywave (Bluephase Style) curing units at 10s or 20s. After 24 hours, teeth were sectioned in 0.9 mm2 beams and tested for µTBS. DOC (IOS 4049) scrape test was performed (n=5) following the same curing protocols (MW or PW curing units, for 10s or 20s). Two-way ANOVA (a=0.05) statistical analysis was performed isolating curing units.

Results: MW curing mode showed no statistical significant difference in µTBS. PW curing mode did not show differences in µTBS values, except for TBF (Table 1). In contrast, significant differences were observed for the DOC test with bulk-fill composites presenting greater DOC for all curing modes. Longer curing time resulted in higher DOC for all composites (Table 1).

Conclusions: Curing mode does not result in differences in µTBS to dentin. However, bulk fill composites exhibit greater DOC than conventional resin composites.


Polywave Monowave Polywave Monowave
10 s 20 s 10 s 20 s 10 s 20 s 10 s 20 s
Tetric Bulk-fill 54.8 (13.3)A,a 46.2 (16.6)B,b 47.9 (15.1)A,a 51.1 (16.0)A,a 3.02 (0.07)B,a 3.63 (0.18)A,a 2.63 (0.19)B,a 3.22 (0.17)A,a
Filtek Bulk-fill 46.7 (22.6)A,b 49.6(18.0)A,b 51.3 (22.2)A,a 51.7 (19.9)A,a 2.78 (0.12)B,a 3.53 (0.25)A,a 2.55 (0.21)B,a 3.21 (0.19)A,a
TetricEvoCeram 54.0 (12.3)A,a 55.8 (12.4)A,a 51.3 (8.5)A,a 50.5 (12.1)A,a 2.25 (0.22)B,b 2.74 (0.11)A,b 2.00 (0.2)B,b 2.38 (0.14)A,b

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