Title: 0914 - Effect of Artificial Aging on Shear Bond Strength of Self-adhesive Resin Cements to Lithium Disilicate Glass Ceramic


Sigrid Hader (Presenter)
3M Deutschland GmbH

Manfred Ludsteck, 3M Deutschland GmbH
Kai Claussen, 3M
Reinhold Hecht, 3M Deutschland GmbH


Objectives: Analyze shear bond strength (SBS) of self-adhesive resin cements to IPS e.max® CAD restoration material in self-cure (sc) and light-cure (lc) mode with and without thermal aging.

Methods: Materials tested were Panavia™ SA Cement Plus (PANSA, Kuraray), Calibra® Universal (CALU, Dentsply) and RelyX™ Unicem 2 (RXU2, 3M ESPE).
72 specimens (l=14mm; w=12mm; h=4mm) of IPS e.max® CAD (Ivoclar) were fabricated and pretreated according to manufacturer’s instructions using Monobond® Etch&Prime (Ivoclar). Stainless steel rods (4mm diameter) were cemented onto the restoration specimens under standardized pressure (20g/mm2) using PANSA, CALU and RXU2 according to manufacturers’ instructions in sc- and lc-mode (n=6). Specimens were stored for 24h (36°C,100% relative humidity) or stored for 24h (36°C,100% relative humidity) and subjected to artificial aging (5000 thermal cycles(TC),5°C - 55°C,30s dwell time). SBS was measured (Zwick Z010, crosshead speed: 0.75mm/min).
Data analysis was performed using Tukey’s pairwise comparison (p<0.05).

Results: See table. Values within one row marked with different superscript characters are statistically different.

Conclusions: All cements showed comparable bond strength after 24 hours in both curing modes. However, RelyX™Unicem 2 maintained its shear bond strength level after artificial aging whereas the shear bond strength of Panavia™ SA Cement Plus and Calibra® Universal declined significantly in both curing modes.


  SBS after 24h [MPa] Standard deviation [MPa] SBS after 24h + TC [MPa] Standard deviation [MPa]
PANSA sc 45.1 a 4.0 31.5 b 7.0
CALU sc 42.3 c 2.2 22.0 d 13.8
RXU2 sc 51.2 e 5.6 52.5 e 4.7
PANSA lc 47.4 f 5.9 30.5 g 10.6
CALU lc 49.1 h 6.2 22.2 i 1.5
RXU2 lc 49.2 j 9.3 40.4 j 6.9

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