Title: 2007 - Properties of New CAD/CAM Resin Block “KATANA™ AVENCIA™ P Block”


Masashi Inoue (Presenter)
Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc.


Objectives: We have developed new CAD/CAM resin block “KATANA™ AVENCIA™ P Block (KAP)” composed of fine barium glass filler, nano silica filler and urethane dimethacrylate, manufactured by the filler press and monomer infiltration (FPMI) method. This technology provides “KAP” superior rigidity and hardness. This study evaluates the properties of “KAP” as compared with other commercially available CAD/CAM resin blocks (Cerasmart 300 (CE300); GC, SHOFU HC HARD (HCH); Shofu, KZR-CAD HR2 GR (GR); YAMAKIN).

Methods: 1) Inorganic filler content: It was measured by ignition residue at 575 oC.
2) Flexural modulus: It was based on ISO6872:2015 three-point bending test. The size was 1.2 mm (thickness) × 4.0 mm (width) × 14 mm (length). It was measured (n=10) after storage in 37 oC water for 1 day.
3) Vickers hardness: Each disk, the thickness is 1.0 mm, was prepared from the CAD/CAM resin block, finally polished with polishing film sheet (particle size: 5 µm) (n=3). Vickers hardness was measured at 3 points for each disk.
4) Gloss retention: Each disk, the thickness is 1.2 mm, was prepared from the CAD/CAM resin block, finally polished with polishing film sheet (particle size: 5 µm) to attain the gloss value over 90. This value is regarded as initial gloss value (G1). Toothbrush wear test was carried out for 40,000 cycles, and the gloss value (G2) was measured with Gloss Meter (VG 2000) /Nippon Denshoku instrument at 60 degrees. Gloss retention (%) = G2/G1 × 100.

Results: The results were summarized in Table 1.

Conclusions: New CAD/CAM resin block “KAP” showed significantly higher flexural modulus, Vickers hardness and gloss retention compared to other CAD/CAM resin blocks (CE300, HCH, GR). This study indicates that “KAP” would exhibit reliable clinical performance.


  Inorganic filler content
Flexural modulus
Vickers hardness
Gloss retention
KAP (KND) 82 18.9 (0.3) a 147.7 (5.5) a 96.9
CE300 (GC) 75 11.5 (0.6) b 90.7 (2.4) b 85.0
HCH (Shofu) 69 14.9 (0.5) c 113.2 (5.2) c 94.6
GR (YAMAKIN) 66 11.0 (0.2) d 74.2 (3.3) d 52.0

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