Title: 2993 - Evaluation of a Novel Aesthetic Glass-ionomer Restorative System



katsuya Kimoto, SHOFU Inc
Toshiyuki Nakatsuka, SHOFU Inc


Objectives: Attention has been recently given to the combined use of glass-ionomer cement (GIC) with other peripheral materials as a restorative system to improve conventional GIC’s material properties. We have developed a novel aesthetic glass-ionomer restorative system consisting of GIC, resin-coating material (RC) and tooth conditioner (TC). This study aimed to evaluate various material properties of this system compared with GIC alone and other commercial systems.

Methods: The new system tested consists of:
GIC: GlasIonomer FX ULTRA (FX)
RC: SI-C51602 (SI-RC)
TC: SI-C51706 (SI-TC).
For control, GIC was used alone. Other commercial systems were tested for comparison.

The surface of set FX was polished with dental silicone polisher, coated with SI-RC and light-cured (halogen or LED light-curing unit). Test specimens obtained were subjected to gloss measurement (with glossmeter at 60°). Subsequently, after 10,000-cycle toothbrush wear test on the specimens, surface roughness (µm) was examined to evaluate their wear resistance.

Embedded bovine tooth specimens were treated with SI-TC on the polished enamel surface (#600), filled with FX and allowed to set, stored in water (37°C, 24h), and subjected to shear bond strength testing.
Data obtained were statistically analyzed (one-way ANOVA, Tukey’s).

Results: (1)SI-RC coating on FX provided high surface gloss regardless of the type of light-curing unit used, and its gloss level was mostly higher than that of other systems.

(2)SI-RC coated on FX had high resistance to toothbrush wear, exhibiting significantly lower surface roughness values than control (p<0.05).

(3)SEM images showed moderately-demineralized enamel surface when treated with SI-TC. Although there was no statistically-significant difference, SI-TC treatment tended to improve shear bond strength of FX to enamel.

Conclusions: The results revealed that the novel restorative system can overcome issues on material properties of conventional GIC and provides improved aesthetics, which allows it to position itself as a next-generation aesthetic GIC system.


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