Title: 1413 - Evaluation of Next Generation Dental Stone With Unique Mixing Method


Daizaburo Mori (Presenter)
GC Corp

Kenji Kojima, GC Corp
Kent Nagaoka, GC Corp
Go Mashio, GC Corp
Tatsuya Fujimoto, GC Corp
Hayato Yokohara, GC Corporation
Takahiro Miyake, GC Corporation
Toshihiko Azuma, GC Corporation
Takuya Sato, GC Corp
Tomohiro Kumagai, GC Corporation
Masatoshi Yoshinaga, GC Corporation


Objectives: Newly developed super-fast setting stone, Shake! Mix STONE (S!MS ,GC Corp) was introduced into the Japanese market in Feb 2018. The unique features of S!MS are extremely fast setting, super fluidity and shaker mixing. The purpose of this study was to evaluate and to compare the physical properties between mixing with a vacuum mixer as a conventional method and hand mixing with the specially designed shaker for S!MS(SH) as a new method.

Methods: Setting time (ST) and Liner setting expansion (SE) after 120mins were measured in accordance with ISO 6873 (n=5).Compressive strength (CS)were measured in accordance with ISO 6873 at 7mins, 15mins, 30mins, 60mins intervals from the start of mixing (n=5).
All the tests were conducted by using vacuum mixer (Twister evolution, Renfelt VM) with 20sec mixing times or SH with 20sec shaking time. Student’s t-test was used to compare the results.

Results: ST:121.0±2.2sec(SH), 156.7±10.4sec(VM)
SE:0.142±0.005%(SH), 0.151±0.001%(VM)
ST of SH is significantly faster than VM (P<0.01). No significant differences were observed on SE (P>0.05).

CS-SH :15.6±2.3 MPa(7min), 27.7±3.4MPa(15min), 37.4±2.3 MPa(30min), 41.0±1.9 MPa(60min)
CS-VM :11.3±0.5 MPa(7min), 26.9±1.8 MPa(15min), 36.8±0.4 MPa(30min), 39.3±1.2 MPa(60min)
A significant difference was observed between CS and VM at 7min (P<0.01).
No significant differences were observed between CS and VM from 15min to 60min period (P>0.05).

Conclusions: According to the results, it is expected that S!MS can be used with both a vacuum mixer and the shaker. However, the S!MS mixed by the shaker showed higher strength than vacuum mixer in the early stage. The S!MS with shaker would be suitable for clinical situations and is user-friendly.

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