Title: 0823 - Variation in Caries Detection and Clinical Treatment Decisions Among Dentists


Mara Lotif (Presenter)
Federal University of Ceara

Antonino Izidro Rocha Neto, Federal University of Ceara
LIDIA VALADAS, Federal University of Ceara
Paulo Goberlânio de Barros Silva, Federal University of Ceara
Patricia Martins Figueiredo Serpa, Federal University of Ceara
Vicente de Paulo Aragao Saboia, Federal University of Ceara


Objectives: The aim of this study was to identify the variation of caries detection and its relationship with treatment planning, as well as to verify the variation of the detection when using interproximal radiographs or not, through an electronic questionnaire with clinical and radiographic images

Methods: The electronic questionnaire was elaborated with clinical and radiographic images of 10 extracted human molars showing occlusal pits and fissures that could lead to some kind of doubt regarding the presence of caries. The validation of caries detection was made through histology. The questionnaire was applied to 159 dentists working in primary care in Fortaleza, city in Brazilian Northeast.

Results: The percentage of correct detection for visual examination and visual examination associated with radiography was calculated and the detection provided by the participants and their respective therapeutic options was related. The association of interproximal radiography with visual examination did not influence the detection of enamel caries (p>0,05), however, it contributed significantly to the detection of dentin lesions (p<0,01). Therapeutic indications for the detections provided by participants demonstrated a tendency to overtreating (p<0,01).

Conclusions: The findings of this study raise the need for retraining dentists regarding the caries detection and current therapeutic approaches.

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