Title: 0811 - An Ion-releasing Coating Material for Caries Prevention – A Clinical Study


Ulf Ortengren, University of Gothenburg
Anna Lehrkinder (Presenter)
University of Gothenburg

Aram Safarloo, University of Gothenburg
Jasmine Axelsson, University of Gothenburg
Peter Lingström, University of Gothenburg


Objectives: To analyse the effect of a newly developed ion-releasing coating material on plaque acidogenicity, its composition and amount with the aim to evaluate the reduction in caries risk.
Several substances are known to have caries preventive properties. In an attempt to arrest caries and increase the effect of prevention, multi-ion releasing substances have been incorporated into dental coating- and restorative materials. By the use of products releasing several ions (e.g. fluoride and strontium), a positive effect on the caries disease has been proposed.

Methods: A double-blind, split-mouth study on 30 volunteers (15 test and 15 controls) was designed. Ethical approval was obtained as well as informed consent from each of the participants. Buffer capacity and saliva secretion was analysed together with plaque pH, amount and composition on the test and control sites at each visit. Changes in plaque pH were analysed using established methods. After application of either test material (test group) or a non-active material (control group) the participants were recalled after 4, 30, 60 and 90 days. The materials were applied on 3 buccal surfaces in 2 contra-lateral quadrants respectively. Sites in the remaining 2 contra-lateral quadrants were used as control sites.

Results: At present data up to 30 days have been analysed on 20 all together, 10 from each group. For pH, no differences between the groups or the two sites could be displayed. Concerning the plaque amount and its composition, the test group displayed a decrease in % of S. mutans in relation to the total amount of oral microorganisms as well as to other Streptococci up to 60 days. The control group showed no such patterns.

Conclusions: The ion releasing coating material seemed to affect dental plaque concerning amount and composition. The preventive effect on caries has still to be further investigated

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