Title: 0809 - Effect of Chewing Manuka Honey Tablets on Oral Health


Bernadette Drummond (Presenter)
University of Leeds

Victoria Yur'evna Kashchuk, University of Otago
Dorothy Boyd, University of Otago
Geoffrey Tompkins, University of Otago


Objectives: To compare the oral health effects of chewing Manuka honey and xylitol tablets with xylitol tablets daily over a one-month period

Methods: Following approval from the New Zealand Health and Disability Ethics Committee and trial registration with the Australian and New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry, thirty-one healthy participants with evidence of recent caries, recruited into a randomised controlled, single blind, parallel group trial, chewed either Manuka honey/xylitol tablets or xylitol tablets three times daily for 28 days. Oral health including salivary flow salivary buffering capacity and gingival health were assessed as well as dental plaque pH changes (following 10% sucrose rinse) at Days 1, 14, 28 and 56. The minimum pH reached, area under the pH curve (AUC5.7) and maximum pH decrease were recorded. Linear mixed modelling was used to compare outcomes.

Results: Twenty-eight participants completed the full study and three partially completed (mean age 23.7 years; mean DMFT = 7.1). The mean minimum plaque pH values recorded for both groups were below the critical pH following sucrose rinsing at all time points. There was a trend for the AUCs to be less in the xylitol group but this was not statistically significant. There were no statistically significant changes in salivary buffering capacity, salivary flow rates or gingival status with either tablet.

Conclusions: Chewing either Manuka honey tablets with xylitol or xylitol tablets three times daily did not result in a decrease in acid production in dental plaque challenged by sucrose rinsing. While Manuka honey is reported to have positive effects on gingival health, this was not evident among participants with a history of dental caries.

The study was funded by Manuka Health NZ Ltd

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Manuka Health New Zealand Ltd

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