Title: 0783 - Encouraging Junior Doctors to Work in Rural Sudan: A Discrete Choice Experiment


Nazik Nurelhuda (Presenter)
University of Khartoum

Amal Bashir, Public Health Institute
Muna Hassan, Public Health Institute
Sarah ElKogali, Public Health Institute
Margaret Kruk, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Muna Abdel Aziz, Public Health Institute


Objectives: Objectives: The study aimed to determine the preference of junior doctors for rural postings in Sudan, and to estimate how much the junior doctors are willing to trade off from their salaries for non-monetary incentives.

Methods: The study targeted junior doctors who had completed their internship training and were taking their Medical Licensing Exam at the Sudan Medical Council for permanent registration. Focus group discussions were conducted to identify potentially valued incentives. A computer-based discrete choice experiment and accompanying questionnaire were administered between September and October 2012 at the two license exam centers in Khartoum and Medani.

Results: Results: Four hundred and fifty five doctors completed the survey. Of all the respondents, more than a third intended to migrate outside Sudan immediately and another 30% within the next two years. The findings showed that providing scholarships to train abroad, improving the standard of health facilities to an advanced level and providing on site supervision were the attributes most preferred by the respondents and they were willing to trade-off SDG 3650, 1997 and 1948 of their salaries for this, respectively. Less preferred attributes were availability of supervisor by phone; followed by a scholarship in family medicine and a two year commitment, post training.

Conclusions: Authorities may consider the above preferences to enhance human resources for health attraction strategies in rural areas. Addressing the supervision issue may be more feasible for policy makers in the short term, when compared to improving salaries and infrastructure.

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