Title: 0780 - Cross-cultural Adaptation of the OHL-AQ to the Brazilian Portuguese Language


Eliete Almeida (Presenter)
Cruzeiro do Sul University

Maurizia E S Garcia, Cruzeiro do Sul University
Saul Paiva, Federal University of Minas Gerais
Isabela Pordeus, Universityersidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Fernanda Ferreira, UFMG


Objectives: This study aimed to perform the cross-cultural adaptation of the Oral Health Literacy-Adult Questionaire (OHL-AQ) to the Brazilian Portuguese language.

Methods: This is a methodological study developed among employees, with different educational levels, of a private University located in the city of São Paulo (SP, Brazil), using the functional oral health literacy instrument for adults (OHL-AQ), including new measures of literacy skills: reading comprehension, numeracy, listening (communication skills), conceptual knowledge and decision-making. The study included initial translation, synthesis of translations, back-translation, review by the experts committee and pre-testing with 20 individuals. The semantic equivalence was obtained through the analysis of the referential and general meaning of each item.

Results: The conceptual equivalence of the items sought to demonstrate the relevance and acceptability of the instrument. The process of cross-cultural adaptation produced the final version of the OHL-AQ entitled Brazilian Oral Health Literacy-Adult Questionnaire (BOHL-AQ).

Conclusions: There was a suitable semantic and conceptual equivalence between the adapted version and the original version, as well as an excellent acceptability of this instrument.

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