Title: 0774 - Down Syndrome and Oral Health: What is the Status and How Do Mothers Perceive it?


AlBandary AlJameel (Presenter)
King Saud University


Objectives: assess oral health-related conditions and the behaviours of a group of children with the most common genetic cause of intellectual disability, Down syndrome

Methods: A total of 97 mothers and their children with Down syndrome (aged 12-18 years old) were approached through special care centres in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. A calibrated dentist carried out clinical examinations of the children, and the mothers answered a validated self-reported questionnaire exploring dental-related knowledge and behaviours.

Results: Results showed that caries level was high among the study sample with a total mean of 1.4 for primary teeth and 3.7 for permanent teeth. Mean of pulpally involved teeth and filled teeth was higher amongst the older adolescents. Regarding malocclusion, findings showed that only 18 % and 14% had normal over-jet and over-bite respectively while almost three quarters have posterior cross-bite. Despite the high prevalence of oral diseases, the majority of mothers perceived that the oral health of their children was generally fair (43%). Mothers’ reports also showed that more than a third began tooth brushing at 6 years of age or older. When it came to dental visits, almost two-thirds (63%) reported that their child only visited the dentist to seek treatment (problem oriented), while only 9% regularly go to the dentist (prevention oriented).

Conclusions: In conclusion, the study sample revealed an array of oral health-related problems that might be partly a result of their carers’ oral health awareness and practices. Such findings can help in planning oral health-related promotions and interventions programs and also have some policy and practical implications.

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