Title: 0773 - Perception of Users in Relation to Different Oral Hygienists' Kits


Fabiano Vilhena (Presenter)

Alessandra Inhesta, UNESP
Flavia Levy, USP
Fábio Sampaio, UFPB
Marília Buzalaf, USP


Objectives: The objective of this study was to compare teachers' perceptions regarding the use of two oral hygiene kits, being a conventional school dental kit and another Patented (Kit Escovinha®) used by children of 5-6 years old in public schools in the Northeast and Southeast regions of Brazil.

Methods: A questionnaire was used for 29 teachers from the Southeast region of Brazil and 32 teachers from the Northeast region of Brazil (data collection by Survey) in 2017 where the students of 5-6 years of age first used the conventional school dental kit for six months and afterwards the questionnaire was carried out in which questions were addressed, such as conditions of storage of the kit in the school, hygiene of the Kit, practicality in the use of the Kit, product characteristics, satisfaction of the user and use of the educational material, the same procedure was performed later for another six months using the Patented School dental Kit, and later the same questionnaire was applied again. Data were analyzed by Mann-Whitney Test(p<0.05).

Results: Comparative analysis showed the median scores relative to storage (95% .CI) were 3.2 (2.9-3.6) and 5.0 (4.9-5.0) for School dental Kit and Patented School dental Kit respectively., Hygiene were 2.7 (2.3-3.7) and 5.0 (4.8-5.0), practicality were 3.2 (3.0-3.7) and 4.9(4.8-4.9) , product characteristics were 3.4 (3.1-3.9) and 4.9 (4.6-4.9), satisfaction were 4.0 (3.9-4.3) and 4.3 (4.2-4.4). In relation to the educational material it was not possible to compare because the teachers did not use in School.

Conclusions: Overall, we concluded that after one year of use of the Patented School dental Kit obtained a better result in all the categories addressed in the questionnaire.

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