Title: 0768 - Anxiety, Depression and Stress Among Dental Students


Ebru Karsli (Presenter)
Gaziantep University, Faculty of Dentistry

Zeynep Gungormus, Gaziantep University, Faculty of Health Sciences


Objectives: As the dental students breast a sophisticated education and have to overcome both theoric and practical responsibilities in their education at dentistry faculties, they are expected to have emotional stress more particularly when they face patients on their clinical internships. In this study it was aimed to evaluate the frequency of anxiety, depression and stress of the dental students at the Dentistry Faculty of Gaziantep University .

Methods: One hundred twenty eight students -consisting of 75 females and 58 males- were involved in this study. All the students were chosen among the last two internship classes of a five year period of education. Their anxiety, depression and stres analyses were noted adhering to DASS 21 tests. The results were evaluated by student-t tests and Mann Whitney U tests statistically.

Results: Due to the results, anxiety, depression and stress all had a meaningful difference between genders in favor of females (p〈0.05). Meanwhile the differences between their grade of classes and income had no meaning statistically (p〉0.05).

Conclusions: This study supports that the female students have more anxiety, depression and stress due to education compared to the male equivalents.

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