Title: 0790 - Educational Booklets, Improving Pregnant Women Oral Health


Sonia Groisman (Presenter)
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Cristiane Miguel, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Ana Clara Simoes, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Dóris Ruiz, Albert Einsten
Antonio Ricardo de Olival, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Valerie Wordley, Global Child Dental Fund
Raman Bedi, King's College London


Objectives: The aim of this study was to verify if the Oral Health Booklets of the Global Child Dental Fund could improve both the clinical oral health and the dental knowledge of pregnant women

Methods: 40 pregnant women were evaluated: 20 from a Test Group and 20 from a Control Group were examined concernning oral health knowledge, by a questionnaire; plaque visible index,bleding saliva secretion rate and buffer capacity, before; shortly after;one week ando ne months after oral health education with the Oral Health Booklets. Pregnant women of control group were enroled in the health Familly Program of the municipality of São Gonçalo,Brazil.

Results: Decrease in visible plaque and gingival bleeding rates were higher in the test group. There was also a lower gingival bleeding index, proving the validity of the Oral Health Booklets as a motivating tool for self-care in pregnant women.Over 60% of pregnant women who had an initial PI of over 20%, showed a drop of more than 20% in the study follow-up. Pregnant women on both groups completed a questionnaire about their knowledge of oral health. The TG adopted an oral hygiene regime based on the Oral Health Booklets and had their oral index evaluated each appointment, there was a decrease in visible plaque and bleeding on probing, increase in buffer capacity, and knowledge of oral health etiology and promotion, contrary of CG, that continued to have high bleeding on probe and low buffer capacity, the CG chose divergent answers with less than 80% of concordance in questionnaire’s.

Conclusions: Oral Health Booklets are a useful tool in promoting beneficial habits towards good oral health, they could be included in any prenatal health care program for women.


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