Title: 0789 - Allergic Contact Dermatitis by Latex Gloves Among Lebanese Dentists


Samar BOU JAOUDE, Saint joseph university
Maha H DAOU (Presenter)
Saint joseph university


Objectives: The aim of this study is to investigate the prevalence of allergic contact dermatitis (ACD) due to latex among a sample of Lebanese dentists.

Methods: 314 Lebanese dentists were randomly selected, during the three days symposium organized by Saint Joseph University (USJ) Beirut-Lebanon in 2014. An anonymous questionnaire focused on occupational diseases was auto-administrated by each participant. The inclusion criteria were the Lebanese dentists registered in the order of dentists who accepted to fulfill the questionnaire. The statistical analyses were performed using statistical package software for social sciences (SPSS) for Windows (version 18.0, Chicago, IL, USA). The alpha error was set at 0.05.

Results: Our results revealed that 10.2% (n= 32) of the surveyed dentists developed ACD, of whom 71.9% (n=23) had contact dermatitis, 15.6% (n=5) had atopic dermatitis, and 12.5% did not specify. On the other hand 15.3% (n=48) developed allergies to latex gloves. The results revealed that dentists wore gloves at a rate of 29.54 ± 14.24 hours per week (n=267) over 14.51 ± 8.82 years (n=274) Concerning allergic predisposition, 5.1% (n=16) complained about asthma and 10.2% (n=32) about pollen allergies.
Dentists who developed allergy to latex were 5.4 more at risk to develop ACD than dentists who has not developed an allergy (-p-value<0.001). Moreover, asthma and allergy to pollen were not associated with ACD (-p-value=0.216).

Conclusions: latex gloves has the ability to induce ACD as it was revealed in our findings. ACD caused by latex is common in Lebanese dentists; 15.3% (n=48) developed allergies to latex gloves. While 34.5% (n=10) developed allergies to latex associated with ACD.
This study showed that Lebanese dentists suffer from ACD. Dentists should be conscious of the chemical allergens used in their quotidian exercise, the symptoms of ACD and their right management

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