Title: 0786 - Toxicity Analysis of Slightly Acid Electorlyzed Water on Oral Fibroblast Cells


Jing Su (Presenter)
stomatology hosptial


Objectives: To analyze the toxicity of slightly acid electroylzed water(SAEW) on oral fibroblast cells.

Methods: The Human Gingival Fibroblasts(HGF),Human Pulp Cells(HPC),Human Periodontal Ligament Fibroblasts(HPDLF)were put in different concentration of slightly acid electrolyzed water,and the relative growth rate(RGR) and the survival rate were measured using CCK-8 assay and Trypan Blue exclusion assay.The effect of pretreatment SAEW using BSA on the toxicity of three kinds of cells was also measured.

Results: SAEW(10-40mg/ml) did adversely affect cell viability of three kinds of oral fibroblast cells in different observation time,but these effects were negated when the cells were exposed to SAEW that had been pre-exposed to BSA,equivalent to protein concentration in saliva.

Conclusions: SAEW showed no significant effect on cell viability of the oral fibroblast cells at any of concentrations after pretreated by BSA.

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