Title: 1289 - Keynote Address: Dental Pulp Stem Cells in Repair and Regeneration: Do They Make the Difference?


Petra Hilkens (Presenter)
Hasselt University


Abstract Body: Since their discovery, dental pulp stem cells have been widely studied with regard to their potential use in tissue repair and regeneration. Given their origin and inherent capacity to form dental tissues, these stem cells have been mainly investigated for their application in regenerative dentistry. Next to their ability to form dental pulp-like tissue, however, dental pulp stem cells display a broad range of differentiation properties, such as bone and cartilage formation, endothelial and neurogenic differentiation. This talk will focus on the multilineage differentiation capacity of dental pulp stem cells and the promising role of these stem cells in tissue engineering strategies. The importance of adequate tissue vascularization and scaffold materials will also be highlighted.