Title: 0123 - Factors Influencing Transition From Undergraduate to Dentist; A Systematic Review


Waraf Al-yaseen (Presenter)
University of Dundee

Nicola Innes, University of Dundee
Sucharita Nanjappa, University of Dundee


Objectives: The aim was to collate evidence around barriers and facilitators in transition from dental students to dentists against the UK Vocational Training (VT) background.

To explore:
- Knowledge, skills and attitudes related to transition of new graduates.
- The barriers and facilitators related to this transition period.
Identify research gaps.

Methods: The search was constructed around keywords following a scoping review. Databases searched: Pubmed, EMBASE, ERIC without limiting dates. Inclusion criteria: English language; potentially relevant to undergraduate/graduate transition process. Abstracts and potentially eligible papers were screened in duplicate and references were checked. Data were extracted on piloted forms, following data extractors’ calibration and synthesised using thematic analysis.

Results: The search strategy retrieved 298 items with 23 articles fitting the inclusion criteria. They were carried out between 1981-2017 and all UK-based. Study methodology was heterogeneous (quantitative=13, qualitative=7, mixed methods=3). Only one paper focused solely on transition with 22 exploring it as part of wider research studies.
Five broad themes explained transition: 1)Preparedness for practice: There were mixed views regarding confidence in clinical/managerial/business skills but perceived improvements in communication skills; 2)Stakeholders’ influence: Trainer/mentors’ roles were positively highlighted although conflicts in agenda were perceived between new graduates’ treatment opinions and options available (concerning stakeholders; NHS, trainers, practice policy); 3)Challenges: included recruitment process, support, increasing patient load, limited time; unrealistic expectations, new responsibilities 4)Perceived VT educational value: Portfolio and tutorials were less valued by trainers; 5)Undergraduate clinical skill experience: There were concerns from VTs and Trainers around quantity and quality.

Conclusions: The transition from undergraduate to Dentist was seen as challenging, with VT experiences facilitating preparation for independent practice. This was despite some conflict in agendas from different stakeholders.There were gaps between skill level expectations and performance. Limited evidence around the transition from undergraduate to dentist hampers understanding of factors influencing transition.

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