Title: 0233 - Bioactivity, Setting Time & Compressive Strength of CaF2-Modified Biodentine™


Ahmed Elbanna (Presenter)
Faculty of Dentistry,Ain-Shams University

Dina El-Refaie, Faculty of Dentistry,Ain-Shams University
Ghada Alian, Faculty of Dentistry,Ain-Shams University


Objectives: modification of Biodentine™ by addition of CaF2 to formulate an anticariogenic bioactive restorative material

Methods: Biodentine™ capsules were modified by addition of CaF2 powder. Different experimental groups F0%, F2% and F10% were evaluated regarding setting time (n=3) according to (ISO6867:2012), Compressive strength (n=5) according to (ISO9917-1:2010) and Bioactivity (n=5) for each group. For bioactivity, cement discs (10X2mm) were stored at 37C in Hank’s balanced salt solution (HBSS) for different time intervals (1, 14, and28days). Bioactivity was evaluated by measuring pH, Calcium and fluoride ion release in HBSS using pH meter and gas chromatography for the same disc at different time intervals. Surface was evaluated for precipitates using environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM) and chemically analyzed with EDX at different time intervals.

Results: Initial setting time revealed significant difference F10%<F2%<F0% with values (8.83,13.17,16.83min) respectively. Final setting times showed that F10% ≤ F2% < F0% with values (33.5,33,37.5min) respectively. Compressive strength mean values were F0% (66.76±12.51MPa), F2% (62.53±11.2MPa), while F10% (54.05±7.34MPa) with no statistically significant difference. The pH evaluation revealed an increasing alkalizing effect of the different groups over extended storage times with no difference between F0%, F2% or F10%. Descending pattern of calcium release was observed for the different experimental groups with significantly higher F10%>F2%>F0% at all time intervals. Fluoride release showed an initial ascending pattern followed by plateau with F10%>F2% significantly at all time intervals. ESEM revealed an increasing precipitates over the surface with increased homogeneity over time with calcium and phosphorus changes detected using EDX elemental analysis.

Conclusions: Addition of CaF2 could enhance the overall bioactivity of Biodentine™ and shorten its initial setting time without compromising its compressive strength.

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