Title: 0466 - Influence of Hydrophilic Amide Monomers on Dentin Bonding


Mustafa Duzyol, Gaziantep University
sevim atilan (Presenter)
Gaziantep University

Zeyneb Merve Ozdemir, Gaziantep University


Objectives: The aim of this study was to compare the shear bond strength (SBS) to dentin of one-step bonding agent containing hydrophilic amide monomers (HMA) and 10-Methacryloyloxydecyl dihydrogen phosphate (MDP) with one-step bonding agent containing only MDP.

Methods: 20 human third molar teeth randomly were divided into two groups. Teeth was abraded with a SiC disc ( Carbimet, Bisco Inc., Schaumburg, USA) to be under 1 mm of enamel-dentin junction. The dentin surface of each teeth were etched with %37 phosphoric acid for 15 s and then rinsed with water spray for 10 s and after that air dried. Cylinders of composite (Clearfil Majesty Posterior, Kuraray Noritake Inc, Okuyama, Japan) were bonded using 2 dental bonding agents. Group A used bonding agent containing HMA+MDP (Clearfil Universal Quick bond, Kuraray America, Inc. New York/NY, USA) and Group B used bonding agent containing only MDP (Clearfil S3 Bond plus, Kuraray America, Inc. New York/NY, USA) applied in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. The speciemens were stored for 24 h in 37°C water and thermocycled between 5 and 55 C water with a 20 s dwell time for 5000 cycles. They were then submitted to a shear bond test with a universal testing machine (AGS-X, Shimadzu,Kyoto, Japan) with a 100 N load cell at 1 mm/min. The values of SBS were analyzed with ANOVA/Tukey’s test.

Results: Group A was 35,96±5,47 MPa and B was 24,25±7,5 MPa There was a statistical difference between the two bonding agents. (p<0.05). Group A was significantly higher than Group B.

Conclusions: According to this study, bonding agents containing which type of monomers may be one of the important factors influencing dentin bond strength. When bonding agents with hydrophilic amide monomers are used, it has showed higher shear bond strength.

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