Title: 0583 - Keynote Address: Adhesion to Glass Ceramics and Zirconia: A Closer Look at the Evidence


Nathaniel Lawson (Presenter)
University of Alabama at Birmingham


Abstract Body: High-strength glass ceramic and polycrystalline ceramic materials (such as zirconia) can be utilized for many types of clinical applications that could not have been attempted with dental porcelain. Some of these clinical applications rely on adhesion between a non-retentive tooth preparation and the ceramic substrate. The clinician must therefore rely on a strong and durable bond between glass ceramics and zirconia with a resin cement. This critical review will address the evidence for the bond to both glass ceramic materials and zirconia. Particular attention will be focused on achieving micromechanical retention and chemical adhesion. Surface texture achieved from hydrofluoric acid will be examined for glass ceramics and airborne particle abrasion for zirconia. Silane-based solutions will be reviewed for bonding to glass ceramics and 10-methacryloyloxy-decyl-dihydrogen-phosphate (10-MDP) solutions for bonding to zirconia.