Title: 0706 - The Effect of Glazing Procedures on Color Stability of Seven Different Ceramics


Ozgun Ozyilmaz, Bezmialem University School of Dentistry
Gulsum Sayin (Presenter)
Medipol University School of Dentistry

Bebek Oguz Ahmet, Medipol University School of Dentistry


The aim of this study was to investigate the changes in color parameters of ceramics before and after glazing using a spectrophotometer.

A total of 84 disc-shaped specimens (12 mm in diameter and 2 mm thickness) were fabricated with 7 dental ceramic materials (Ivoclar IPS D Sign, Vita Omega 900, Ceramco III, Vita Mark II, Vita Enamic, GC Cerasmart, Vita Suprinity) according to manufacturers’ instructions (n= 12). Both sides of the ceramic specimens were polished with wet 600-, 1000-, 1500-grit silicon carbide papers. Color value (L*, a*, b*) of each specimen was measured three times with a spectrophotometer (Vita Easyshade, Zahnfabrik) before and after glazing. Color change was calculated with mean L*, a*, b* values and data were analyzed with One-way ANOVA. Confidence level was 95%.

Statistically significant difference was found among the tested groups (p=0.07). Glaze procedure affected the colors of Ivoclar IPS D Sign (ΔE=2.35±0.45), Vita Omega 900 (ΔE=3.14±1.94) and Ceramco III (ΔE=1.01±0.61) specimens. Color change was less in Ceramco III group than Vita Omega 900 and Ivoclar IPS D Sign groups.

Within the limitation of the present study, glazing procedures affected the specimens color and this effect was considered clinically noticeable for Ivoclar IPS D Sign and Vita Omega 900 groups.

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