Title: 0335 - Protective Effects of Calcium Silicate Products on Acid Softened Dentine


Marilia Afonso Rabelo Buzalaf (Presenter)
University of Sao Paulo

Flavia Levy, University of Sao Paulo
Beatriz Gomes, University of Sao Paulo
Aline Dionizio, University of Sao Paulo
Juliana Trevizol, University of Sao Paulo
Ana Magalhães, University of Sao Paulo
Andrew Joiner, Unilever Oral Care


Objectives: To evaluate the protective effects of calcium silicate, sodium phosphate salts and fluoride containing toothpaste and dual-phase gel on acid softened dentine samples subjected to erosion/abrasion.

Methods: Human dentine specimens were partially coated with nail varnish and treated with 1%citric acid (pH3.6) for 10min. Specimens (n=12/group) were randomly assigned to the following treatments: 1. Placebo toothpaste (non-F); 2. NaF toothpaste (1450ppm F); 3. Calcium silicate and sodium phosphate salts toothpaste (1450ppm F as MFP); 4. Toothpaste as 3 plus dual-phase gel containing (i) calcium silicate and sodium phosphate salts (1450ppm F as MFP) and (ii) 1450ppm F as NaF; 5. Erosion only. During 7 days, specimens underwent 3 cycles of 90s/day in 1% citric acid (pH 3.6). Except for group 5, after the first and the last daily cycle, specimens were subjected to abrasive challenges (15s, 150g load), using a brushing machine, toothbrush and toothpaste:water slurry (1:3) and then immersed for 45s in the slurry without brushing. Group 4 also had the dual-phase gel applied for 3min after the second daily brushing for 3days. Specimens were immersed in artificial saliva at all other times. Dentine loss (µm) was measured by contact profilometry after 3 and 7days.

Results: Results: Mean (SD) dentine loss (µm) values are shown below. Treatments with different letters were significantly different (p<0.05, ANOVA, Tukey). Percentage dentine protection versus erosion only was 0, 39, 57 and 75% for groups 1-4, respectively, after 7days.

Conclusions: Regardless of the time of treatment, both calcium silicate treatment groups provided significantly greater protection of dentine towards erosion associated with abrasion when compared to the non-F toothpaste, NaF toothpaste and erosion only. Moreover, the best protection was obtained for the combination calcium silicate toothpaste/dual-phase gel.


Group 3days 7days
1 3.47(0.40)a 4.87(0.18)a
2 2.23(0.14)b 3.34(0.31)b
3 1.69(0.18)c 2.64(0.25)c
4 1.25(0.14)d 1.87(0.13)d
5 3.43(0.34)a 4.94(0.34)a

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