Title: 0457 - Demineralization Inhibition Properties of New Zinc Releasing GI-restorative


GC Corporation

Akishi Arita, GC Corporation
Tomohiro Kumagai, GC Corporation


Objectives: Zinc ion has been reported to inhibit demineralization of tooth structure. A new glass ionomer restorative (Zinc-F-glass) has been developed containing zinc, fluoride, and calcium, The new zinc releasing GI-restorative (ZiF-C10) utilizes Zinc-F-glass. The purpose of this study was to evaluate inhibition property of demineralization of ZiF-C10.

Methods: ZiF-C10, Fuji Triage(FT), CentionN(CN) and Activa restorative(AR) were examined.
Ion release: Restoratives were placed and cured in acrylic block molds(diameter 7mm), stored (37degC, R.H.100percent, 1hour), soaked in acetic acid solution (50mM, 37degC, pH4.5, 24hours), and measured for released ion concentration by fluoride-electrode and ICP.
Mineral loss: Bovine root dentine surface was polished (#1200 SiC-paper), then isolated 3mm diameter circle area with sticker (thickness 0.1mm). Initially, one half of isolated area was masked. Then, restoratives were applied on other half of isolated area. Control specimen had no restoratives placed). For CN and AR, bonding agent was applied. Specimens were stored (37degC, R.H.100percent, 1hour). Then exposed masked area was immersed in acetic acid solution (50mM, 37degC, pH4.5, 24hrs ) followed by slicing to 0.7mm in thickness. Mineral-loss-value of these pieces (Vol-percent-µm) were evaluated by micro-CT (n=5).
Data among tests was analyzed statistically by one-way ANOVA turkey’s (p<0.01).

Results: This study indicated that ZiF-C10 has the lowest mineral-loss-value and high level of zinc and fluoride ion release.

Conclusions: ZiF-C10 releases zinc and fluoride ions with significantly lower MLV. Therefore, ZiF-C10 may effectively inhibit demineralization of teeth.


(Vol-percent-µm) (S.D.)
Fluoride ion release value (ppm) (S.D.) Zinc ion release value (ppm) (S.D.)
Control 3437.2 (292.3) d - -
ZiF-C10 304.6 (198.7) a 43.25 (1.2) A 33.7 (3.7)
FT 1503.9 (526.3) b 43.75 (2.7) A -
CN 2147.7 (221.6) b, c 4.98 (1.1) B -
AR 2691.0 (473.4) c 1.47 (0.3) B -

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