Title: Industry-sponsored Symposium: The Potential of Bioactive Materials for Application in Restorative and Preventive Dentistry

(sponsored by Shofu, Inc.)


Recently "Bio-Active"€ materials are becoming popular among dental material researchers and dentists around the world. The presenters will introduce the recent research results about “Bio-Active” materials which have the functions such as caries prevention. In the symposium, the importance of “Bio-Active” materials and their mechanism will be discussed.


1st Speaker Name: Satoshi Imazato
1st Presentation Title: S-PRG filler: Advanced material to provide “Bio-Active” functions for restorative and preventive dentistry  


2nd Speaker Name: Bennett T. Amaechi
2nd Presentation Title: Utilizing S-PRG filler in Caries Prevention


3rd Speaker Name: Dr. R.A.M. Exterkate
3rd Presentation Title: Effects of S-PRG filler on saliva derived polymicrobial biofilms