Title: Industry-sponsored Symposium: Balancing the Oral Microbiome: Proven Benefits for Oral Health

(sponsored by Unilever)


The importance of a balanced, symbiotic oral microbiome for oral health is becoming increasingly accepted. This symposium will detail how this can be achieved by twice-daily brushing with a toothpaste containing natural enzymes and proteins. It will go on to demonstrate the clinically proven gingival health benefits of such a toothpaste.

Moderator:  Prof Mogens Kilian

1st Speaker Name: Philip Marsh
1st Presentation Title: Natural salivary defence factors and their Influence on the balance of the oral microbiome


2nd Speaker Name: Alison Green
2nd Presentation Title: Insights into the microbiological benefits of using a toothpaste with natural enzymes and proteins


3rd Speaker Name: Anne-Marie Pedersen
3rd Presentation Title: The gingival health status of Zendium users compared to other toothpaste users


4th Speaker Name: Nicola West
4th Presentation Title: A toothpaste containing natural enzymes and proteins improves gingival health

5th Speaker Name: Iain Chapple
5th Presentation Title: SLS-free toothpaste formulation – soft tissue benefits