Title: Industry-sponsored Symposium: The Post-amalgam Revolution – Modern Minimally Invasive Approaches to Managing Deep Caries and Failing Tooth-restoration Complex

(sponsored by 3M Deutschland GmbH)


The phase-down of the clinical use of dental amalgam is not just forcing clinicians to use alternative materials. It has also triggered a reassessment of treatment approaches commonly used in teeth with deep carious lesions. As a result, less invasive techniques are being introduced and discussed by the scientific research community. With the goal of preserving the vitality of affected teeth as long as possible, it might be beneficial to opt for selective removal of carious tissue and arresting the lesion under sealed, adhesive restoration. When it comes to the restorative procedure, minimally invasive techniques with adhesive biomaterials and composite overlays with or without fibre reinforcement may be more appropriate than amalgam restorations or ceramic restorations. During this symposium, internationally renowned researchers will present different minimally invasive excavation, preparation and restoration techniques that might be leading the post-amalgam revolution.


1st Speaker Name: Avijit Banerjee
1st Presentation Title: The role and concepts of Operative Minimally Invasive Dentistry - where do we go from here?


2nd Speaker Name: Timothy Watson
2nd Presentation Title: The role of direct adhesive biomaterials in Minimally Invasive Dentistry


3rd Speaker Name: Ivo Krejci
3rd Presentation Title: Minimally Invasive indirect restorations - now and the future