Title: Industry-sponsored Symposium: New Perspectives on Enamel Erosion: From Diagnosis to Prevention

(sponsored by Unilever)


Erosive tooth wear continues to increase in prevalence. This symposium will cover clinical perspectives of the erosive challenge, insights into novel enamel measurement techniques and evidences of the in-vitro efficacy of products for everyday use containing calcium silicate and phosphate salts to address early enamel erosion and provide protection from tooth wear.


Moderator:  Professor Nicola West

1st Speaker Name: David Bartlett
1st Presentation Title: A Clinical Perspective On The Erosion Challenge

2nd Speaker Name: Marília Buzalaf
2nd Presentation Title: Erosive Tooth Wear and Its Consequences: What Do We Know?

3rd Speaker Name: Andrew Joiner
3rd Presentation Title: Enamel Remineralisation and Protection By Calcium Silicate And Phosphate Containing Products

4th Speaker Name: Patrick Unwin
4th Presentation Title: Advanced Techniques For Measuring Mineralisation Processes