Title: Industry-sponsored Symposium: Enabling Preventive Dentistry – Biotechnology Based Imaging

(sponsored by CALCIVIS)


The program will discuss modern cariology and the paradigm shift to minimally invasive and preventive dentistry from global, U.K. and U.S. perspectives. The role of a novel technology for the visualisation of active demineralisation in enabling preventive dental approaches in dental practice will be reviewed.

1st Speaker Name: NIGEL PITTS
1st Presentation Title: Modern Cariology: Evidence into Practice - the paradigm is shifting (slowly!)

2nd Speaker Name: AVIJIT BANERJEE
2nd Presentation Title: Minimal Intervention Oral Healthcare - implementation hurdles

3rd Speaker Name: ANDREA ZANDONA
3rd Presentation Title: Diagnosis, natural history and preventive management of caries - a US perspective

4th Speaker Name: BRUCE VERNON
4th Presentation Title: CALCIVIS imaging system - an innovative imaging system designed to visualise active demineralisation with the power of bioluminescence

5th Speaker Name: AMANDA GALLIE
5th Presentation Title: Initial clinical and patient experiences with CALCIVIS from General Dental Practice in the UK