CE Hours: 1.5

Seq#33 - Presenting and Interpreting Evidence for a Global Dental Ecosystem

An evidence ecosystem involves collaboration between those involved in the funding, generation, synthesis, publication, dissemination, and implementation of applied clinical research. This workshop provides the opportunity for those included in the evidence ecosystem to openly discuss issues in the presentation and interpretation of research findings. It will also explore ways in which stakeholders can work more closely to progress the uptake of high quality, impartial research evidence.

1. Presenting Evidence - Common Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them (Tanya Walsh)
2. Interpreting Evidence – Misinterpretation And Spin (Anne-Marie Glenny)
3. Final Evidence Optimization - Harmonization From Basic Science To Clinical Practice (Alonso Carrasco Labra)

An extended practical session will follow, where attendees will have the opportunity to apply the principles delivered in the presentations. Specifically, attendees will be asked to:
- Examine how information is presented in systematic reviews;
- Use information from a systematic review and Summary of Findings tables with real-world scenarios and consider how to proceed in the face of the evidence of benefits and harms presented; and
- Consider the advantages and disadvantages of presenting key results of a systematic review in different formats, e.g. evidence summaries, infographics, and podcasts.

The session will end with an open discussion of how key stakeholders can work together to ensure that research evidence is presented, interpreted and disseminated in ways that enhance clinical care.

Learning Objectives:

  • By the end of the workshop attendees will: • Have an insight into common pitfalls in presenting research evidence from primary studies;
    • Understand how information from systematic reviews should be interpreted and cases where they have been misinterpreted;
    • Be able to apply the research findings to outputs for dissemination using different formats; and
    • Understand how stakeholders working together collaboratively can create an evidence ecosystem.