Seq#4 - 6th IADR Academy: Dental Stem Cells-Resolving Contradictions and Looking Forward

This session will be recorded and available through IADR CE On Demand after the meeting for Continuing Education Credit.

Dental and orofacial tissues are a "treasure chest" of easily accessible stem cell populations that could provide cells for a variety of therapeutic applications. This concept is largely based on the "artificial" in vitro mesencymal stem cell-like properties of many of these cell populations which display multipotent differentiation following appropriate stimulation. However, in vivo, such multipotent differentiation is rarely observed and cell differentiation is highly restricted, often to a single cell type. The emergenge of new tools with which to study stem cells in vivo is starting to reveal the true nature of these stem cell populations, their functions, their microenvironments, their heterogeneity, their epigenetic programming, their regulation by signalling pathways and the control of their differentiation. This session will feature interactive presentations highlighting the latest insights on the in vivo analysis of dental and orofacial stem cells and how this impacts upon both the potential therapeutic applications of these cells and the development of new clicnial approches to manipulate cell in vivo.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand why the behaviour and properties of dental and orofacial mesenchymal stem cells in vitro does not reflect their properties and fucntions in vivo and why this is important for the development of stem cell-based therapeutic approaches in dentistry.
  • To uderstand the significance of dental and orofacial stem cell heterogeneity, the impact of the local environment and the interrelationships between different cell populations that constritute a stem cell "niche".
    To become familiar with the very latest stem cell research tools, their application, limitations and advantages.
  • To learn about the very latest developments in understanding how stem cells are mobilised to elicit tissue repair following injury and how this can be used to develop new clincial approaches in dentistry.
    To become familiar with the latest advances in the creation of stem cell 3D environments in vitro.
    To appreciate the unique clincial opportunities teeth and orofacial tissues offer and how that impacts upon commercial development and exploitation of pharmaceutical and cell-based dental therapies.
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