CE Hours: 6

Seq#375 - DC/TMD: Clinical Examination and Axis II Assessment

(attendance limited to 80 people, must register to attend. Fee $360) Email or stop by registration onsite to register. 

This hand-on workshop will demonstrate and allow participants to practice the DC/TMD clinical examination and Axis II in English. The Diagnostic Criteria for Temporomandibular Disorders (DC/TMD) is a validated classification system for the commonest TMDs. The DC/TMD is developed and recommended for both research and clinical purposes. It has been introduced in 2014 and has been implemented worldwide. Currently, numerous translations of the entire protocol are either completed or in process. The DC/TMD protocol includes instruments for the clinical assessment of the patients (Axis I) together with instruments assessing self-reported symptoms and the psychosocial aspects of the patients (Axis II). In order to use the DC/TMD protocol the researcher/clinician is required to get familiar with the procedure through self-study of the available material and the accompanied video which explains in details the clinical examination procedure. Moreover, a thorough calibration session is also recommended for reliable and valid outcomes of the patients’ assessment. The purpose of the present HOW is to provide participants with the theoretical information of Axis I and II assessment tools, demonstrate the entire protocol, and get participants practice with each other in an interactive way. Only limited number of participants can take place in order to reassure the interactive character of the HOW.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to DC/TMD Axis I and Axis II
  • Step by step DC/TMD clinical examination procedures and Axis II assessment
  • Practice patient assessment using Axis I and Axis II